What Makes Us Unique?

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What Makes Farrell & Associates Unique?

Farrell & Associates bring a wealth of experience over a broad range of subjects to any project which they undertake. Not only are our consultants experts in the fields of Strategic Planning, Strategy Reengineering and Information Technology, but they are also qualified in, and have practical experience with, corporate management at the most senior of levels. It is this powerful and unique blending of technical knowledge and practical business experience which allows us to help our clients realise their goals.



Farrell & Associates has no formal affiliation or association with any current information technology vendors, either software or hardware. Nor do we have any such affiliation or association with any other consultancy group. This independence means that we can provide clear and unbiased information and recommendations to our clients at all times. On the occasions where the size, or the nature of the project has warranted it, Farrell & Associates have been approached by the major consultancy groups in Australasia to provide specific input in the areas of our accepted expertise. We are happy to work as temporary team members with other consultancy groups if this is a requirement of the overall project and is in the best interests of our clients.


The business is the master - technology is the servant

We believe that it is the business, and the needs of the people who have been tasked with achieving the objectives of the business, that dictates the information technology requirements for the business. We work in a "top-down" manner with our clients, always ensuring that the development of information databases and information technology solutions accurately reflect our client's mission statement and objectives. Our methods have proved successful at all levels of business organisation - corporate, divisional or departmental, and with many different types of enterprise - banking and financial, insurance, commercial, Government departments at federal, state and local levels.


Knowledge transfer

Wherever possible, Farrell & Associates trains an organisation's staff, from senior management through to data processing and clerical staff, in the methods and systems used. One of our major aims with all our clients is to leave them with a richer store of knowledge and greater abilities to manage and understand their information than before they knew us. We believe that when we are requested to help, that help must include passing on to our clients the abilities to continue what has been started without the continual need for our presence.