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Farrell & Associates was formed in 1983 to assist organisations with the development and implementation of their strategic plans and business plans at all levels, and to ensure that the organisation structures and systems are best situated to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Being truly independent, Farrell & Associates have been used by many organisations to assist with the development of business focused IT plans and/or to provide unbiased evaluations of the suitability of the IT infrastructure for the business, technological projects and third party service provision. Farrell & Associates have also assisted organisations with the development and evaluation of IT outsourcing proposals and subsequently assisted with the development of service level agreements and contract negotiation.

Farrell & Associates have carried out a variety of studies for organisations to assist them in the planning and preparation of strategic plans, goals and objectives for the organisation. Studies range from reviews of vendor performance through strategy reviews in a variety of organisations including finance, manufacturing, government departments and military organisations.

Farrell & Associates are pioneers in the field of service management and service costing & charging, and have carried out numerous assignments with organisations to assist with the identification, definition, costing and charging of services - either internal or external. Whilst the techniques used are applicable across a wide range of service types, Farrell & Associates have tended to focus on the development, management and costing of IT services.

Our web site has a wide range of information about our capabilities, services, tools & techniques.. Please feel free to explore the pages using the links on the left of the page. If you would like further information you may contact us at:

Farrell & Associates Pty Ltd
PO Box 6008
North Sydney NSW 2059

tel:   61 2 8920-2462
email:   information@farrell-associates.com.au