Research & Development

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Farrell and Associates have spent many years researching service related management issues.  In particular, we have focused heavily on information technology services across the spectrum from communications services through to system design and end user support.  This research has resulted in proven (in practice) theories and methodologies in the following areas:

Service Design

Designing services according to strategic and market imperatives using a derivative of Porter’s Value Chain.


Service Definition

resulting in a proven methodology for defining services that has been taught in both public and private seminars.


Service Costing

Resulting in Services Based Costing (SBC), a derivative of Activity Based Costing which takes into account the fluidity of the service environment.  This also resulted in the design and development of software to automate service costing according to SBC rules.


Service Level Agreements

SLAs (content and context) for both internal and externally sourced services.



How to outsource successfully – from both viewpoints, the customers and the vendors.


Project Management for dynamic project environments.

This research was carried out over two years with one of Australia’s largest private companies.  It resulted in the development of a more dynamic approach to project management.  This approach was embodied in application software that automates the management of projects across the entire project base.

Key Factor Analysis

This methodology is the result of over five years of research into the factors that organisations use to align their IT with their goals and objectives. Click here to see the results of this research and the methodology we have developed to assist organisations in aligning their IT with their goals and objectives.