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Following are the newsletters that we have published to date along with the articles in each newsletter. To download a copy of any newsletter (in Acrobat Reader format), just click on the link on the left hand side.

February 2009

Aligning IT with Corporate Objectives—What’s the real story?

The Lure of Technology— New and emerging technology appears constantly. It’s very seductive, but is it right for your organisation?

A Successful Project—an Oxymoron? This examines what is essential for projects to succeed, based heavily on our experiences over the last twenty-five years.
Farrell & Associates—Twenty-five years on. In October 2008 Farrell & Associates celebrated twenty-five years in business. We look at the changes in technology over the last twenty-five years and our approach to providing  our clients with high quality services.

March 2009

The Essentials of Project Management —This article looks at two essentials of Project Management—the Project Typology and the Project Objectives Triangle (also called the Three Pillars of a Project). Both need to be well understood for good project management.